It was less hot in the Devil’s Kitchen

After a very pleasant diversion in Vegas where the King luxuriated high above the Strip while I lost some of his money, we zipped north, clipping the corner of Arizona, and settled for the night in southern Utah.

The tricky thing about sleeping in absurdly hot weather at night is that there’s no shade. It was 91 degrees at 1am. Seems wrong.

The morning found us waking at 7 and after rolling ahead for a bit, I discovered my phone and Hobox did not agree on the time. I’d completely forgotten that Utah is Mountain zone. It helped explain why I was still tired.

The goal for the day was to explore one of my favorite parts of the world (southern Utah/northern Arizona) if weather permitted and then park in Salt Lake City to work and sleep for the night (where I’m writing this now). It was too hot. I fortunately took a side road off the 15 part of the way north and it went up to 9,500 feet! The air was a wonderful 70 degrees, windows down, pure happiness. The placard described this as “mini Bryce Canyon” or Devil’s Kitchen.

We even helped drive some cattle off the road.

What could this sign possibly mean? Cows in road about to jump over fallen logs? Lonely cows looking for someone to play soccer with them up ahead? Anyone know?

Speaking of the beautiful sport, the images below may go a long way towards explaining why soccer is not the most popular sport in the U.S. This was back along Highway 15. When I passed all I saw were the girls and since I am a nut for the sport and the green was so incredible I circled back. On my return I noticed the segregated fields.

Made my first obligatory Art Museum stop (Springville Art Museum). First floor was an incredible exhibition of quilts but my hobby is snapping details of painting and sculpture so I went upstairs. They had a great batch of Russian paintings, mid-century, post-war.

Afterward I tried to do my photography thing in Brigham Young University’s art museum but they wouldn’t have it. Lame! It was still early and hot. I couldn’t do much without roasting the boy so I continued north to Salt Lake City and found a meetup group of over-40 soccer players and joined in. Great fun. By the time I got there the day had cooled to a mellow 84 so Solomon was quite happy in Hobox.


Then off to work a bit (finally). Which I’ll get back to now.

Happy dreams!

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