King’s Privilege

I’ve done the unthinkable. I posted something yesterday and included no photos of Solomon. To those of you who follow this blog solely to check up on the Royalty, my deepest apologies. I will hopefully correct that by delivering a pure pin-up post. I didn’t get to any form of internets until very late today, so our grand day will be reported soon and there’s a surprise event concerning my manhood!

Without further ado – a few of the many billion photos I’ve taken of him so far: P.F.J. Solomon Fink (or S.Fink’s to his friends)

And a preview of our incredible Sunday …

Sweet dreams from Montana! (not where the above was taken but where I write this from now)

Quick add! I almost forgot to mention I got Internet back just in time to proudly watch our JPL boys put the incredible Curiosity rover on the surface of Mars. Congratulations, Earthlings!

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