Quick Global Outcry pre-Canada

Have a small pocket of wifi as I exit Glacier National Park and head for Oh Canada. Stayed in a KOA campground for the first time. Tons of people, eggs in the morning, showers, a pool even. It was just like camp! Lonely lonely camp.


Like a four year old with crayons, I am obsessed with filling in this map. This shows the stats on what countries are looking at hoboxia. Spread the word to someone you know in a country not yet got.

I made you folks a music video from the iphone planted on my dash, but the wifi here says it will take 2 hours to upload, so I’ll leave you with this tiny glimpse for now. See you on the other side!

2 thoughts on “Quick Global Outcry pre-Canada

  1. Don’t be lonely – you’ve got Croatia! And Solomon, of course. Love the photos — keep ’em coming, and have a great time off the grid.

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