Backing up to the National Parks of the USofA, a coffee person told me Glacier was way better than Yellowstone and that you have to do Yellowstone first as a warm up. I don’t entirely disagree, but these are radically different places. One is a geology nut’s Paradise, the other is simply Mother Nature showing off, just out of the shower, ready for action. Then there’s Banff, but that comes later.

Here’s a moosemom and her kids (three little meese out of frame) I forgot to include in my Happy Traffic post along with hundreds of other photos of Yellowstone. I of course only saw about 1/238952639582th of the place and I highly recommend families and explorers of all ages spend as much time as possible here. Here is another reason to visit …

Here are my Japanese cousins-through-fake-sister preparing to enter the park at sunset as I leave. Note the little boys aren’t even in the park yet and are already interested in geology.

This is all there is between YNP and GNP. This and a billion cherry farms along Flathead Lake. Oh and the cities of Bozeman, Butte, and Missoula, Montana.

I was amazed, utterly, by Yellowstone and I hope to visit again. This was Solomon’s reaction …

He was obviously exhausted by all the volcanic landscaping excitement.

We crashed in Missoula before heading on to GNP. My expectations were unfortunately high.

And then we got there and I wept.

There’s just too many and as you can imagine, the photos are laughable compared to standing there.

Solomon’s reaction:

He did have some nice hikes and spent some time ignoring birds. There are monstrously large ravens up here.

Below is a terrible video made with the iphone that’s mounted on my dash. It’s more of a music video for the incredible Michael Kiwanuka, but it gives you a little taste of driving through here.

I’m off to rescue the boy from the sweltering heat and overprotective fascists. Have a good one!

9 thoughts on “YNP vs GNP

  1. HAHA, yes, I didn’t think that was understandable. I had gone on and on through this amazing landscape and then my first glacial giant waterfall appears. It was just too much.

  2. Oh I have been badmouthing her all over the place. I’ll turn a corner on a hike and be like, “Oh f___ you.” I think it’s how the ugly lesser Greek gods behaved around the super hot ones.

  3. What a gorgeous lake shot and a very relaxed looking cat you have! And I agree you can’t compare the two parks. They’re both fantastic in their own way.

    • I almost didn’t approve your comment because I DO NOT support Char-Ann as their bondname! It sounds like a burn victim named Ann! Clearly their name should be Jarlie, maybe Jorlie. Whatever it is, can they live with you for a while?

      • The court-mandated portmanteau is CharJo! Ask Ricky, he knows. And don’t even try to weasel out of the Three’s Company reboot we’re going to put on YouTube.

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