Alberta’s Highway 93: The Greatest Drive on Earth?

We said goodbye to lovely Banff and began our voyage north towards Jasper.

This sign either means horseback riding and hiking available to the right, or centaurs and backpacking giants please go that way.

Banff was full of wonderful things …. like this field where I hope to build a football pitch one day.

There was a beautiful little farm, mostly for tourists, but full of two of the best things in the world: horses and gay women.

I learned about my camera’s panorama feature while in Banff (yes, I know). I have since gone panorama crazy.

And then, a bit up the road, one enters Alberta’s Highway 93 …

I hiked to this waterfall off path in flipflops (all I’ve worn up to this point), and the ground was very muddy and it was a bit of a slapstick routine.

One of the endlessly diverse and gorgeous mountainscapes.

A couple Canadian Ranger-types were beside the road welcoming folks to this incredible drive.

They warned of the results of poor driving and reckless treatment of the environment. Also they claimed Solomon as an honorary adolescent lynx (living example).

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