Stop and Smell the Macro – Can You Name These Flowers…

… because I can’t.

Back in Calgary, while scanning through local radio, I heard a talk show dude reading out the results of some highly scientific survey of the most Manly Cities in the U.S. Why they were reporting this, I have no idea. The most manly city: Charlotte, North Carolina. The curious part to me was that I’ve spent most of my life in the #2 and #3 LEAST manly cities: Miami, FLA and Los Angeles, CA. (Portland #1) [I just googled about this and there seems to be another trending winner for most manly: Oklahoma City, OK. But LA et al still grabs least.]

And so, take a deep breath, slip off your shoes … and taxonomize these for me.

Purply Banana?

Buttered Popcorn Burst?

Powdered Welding Sparks?

Slow-mo Purple Sneeze?

Small Red Flower?

Messed-up Purple Target Ribbon On Sale?

The Devil’s Snot?

Show-Off Patch?

Purple 80s Glam Rock Band?

Communism Defeated By Light Purple?

Easy Blue Hussy?

Pink Ballerina Trumpet Ghosts?

Fluffy Transparent Dream Killers?

Pink Supremacists?

The Arsonist?

Army of Purple Sneezes?

Am I close on any of those?

Solomon, having been born in a more manly California town, grew perplexed at all the stopping for flower photography.


Stay Tuned for Tomorrow’s Post – Fink vs The C.I.

My most dramatic and ridiculous yet!

2 thoughts on “Stop and Smell the Macro – Can You Name These Flowers…

  1. My Grandma could’ve ID’d all them flowers in a snap (again dandy pics, Fink), but she’d’ve loved your aureate guesses even more. Hope all if going well.. keenly suspencified.

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