mies ja kissa tien päällä

Hello! It’s been a little while, but we’re back. And to get things rolling again, below is a little treat. A kind and talented Finnish blogger got in touch to ask if she could use a few of my photos and to write about us briefly in her blog. I’ve put a link below to her awesome blog, which features puutarhointia, oriental cats, hand work, travel and everyday life experiences. Now, my dear English-reading readers, you may be wondering what an oriental cat is. No? How about a puutarhointia? Yeah, me too. When I went to her blog, her text about Solomon and me was in Finnish and English, but no help with that word. Then I noticed the comments she’d received. They were all in Finnish! I clicked the handy “translate” button on my browser and below are the results. (illustrated with photos from the history of Hoboxia)


TRANSLATED COMMENT 1: It is the duo of miles driven in one. The cat will be just nice travel features 🙂

TRANSLATED REPLY TO COMMENT 1:  Seems to be largely car decorated in cat terms 😉

TRANSLATED COMMENT 2: Time sounds a bit overwhelming. Adaptable mobile guy, but why not when making a trip when the car is tuned cat comfortable. Quite a confidence they have with each other. I dare to open the door in the middle of nowhere, and let the cat paws explore and investigate the scenery? Just be sure I do not! Tuommoinen vagrancy in good company is obvious manner man’s dream come true.

TRANSLATED REPLY TO COMMENT 2 Rattling the couple and also search our. I do not, I would dare to set free a cat somewhere in the middle of nowhere, or really far away from home. Well, maybe it is the thing, the car is their home!

TRANSLATED COMMENT 3 : A lovely pair!
Lots toured together and have seen all kinds. Thanks for the nice link!

TRANSLATED REPLY TO COMMENT 3 : I agree. Oleppa good hard link below and welcome to the reader, Hanne 🙂

[I know I know, Ikea is not Finnish! – fink]

TRANSLATED COMMENT 4 : Funny coincidence: just today I was talking with my daughter car trip through the U.S. .. just a dream ..

TRANSLATED REPLY TO COMMENT 4 For this model, then 😉

TRANSLATED COMMENT 5 : A wonderful trip report wink, thank you! 🙂 I am one of the international koratinomistajien FB group, and there has sometimes been a story reissaajakissoista. Confused, I read cats, who enjoy recreational and caravaning, and is there as a man dreaming road trip with his cat. I would not our kiljukaula-motorists with a road trip ever!

TRANSLATED REPLY TO COMMENT 5 Not to mention that the change for the year with a cat in the car which would be constantly on the road ….

TRANSLATED COMMENT 6 : Travel-hungry cat. In that confidence must be habit-forming and on both sides. During the week I visited the local scrap store in the city, there was an Estonian woman customer, and she had a cat with a leash. In fact, I could not even imagine such a small trip with a cat, a good vet can be traveled. That distance will probably follow the hook.

TRANSLATED REPLY TO COMMENT 6 Really need to have your cat (too) well adapted for traveling. I watched one day, a man who walked on the street! with a cat who was wearing a harness.And that cat running it pretty naturally, in the crowd. Not here, no. That’s a man and a cat trip is really addictive to follow.

TRANSLATED REPLY 2 TO COMMENT 6 : From that came to mind during late winter before last view: was the first sunny day in a long time, the country began to peep, it was already a little spring feeling. That is, a weather, which was stimulated half Espoo rantaraitille kävelemääm dogs. There, the human and the dog bustle was also one of the brave cat that taapersi forward (human) with his family, even though it was very fluffy and stiff with excitement. The world’s cutest and reippain foreign player. ❤

TRANSLATED REPLY 3 TO COMMENT 6 And again, yes I’m slightly annoyed that the cats have the habit of taking people ilmoille. I think we would have been able to teach valjastelijapojista involved pedestrians, if I figured in time. Now they are not, even if you live luuhaavatkin constantly outdoors and go for a walk. PS Not to leave again as soon as a new comment, I tell you, that I ordered it I Could Pee on This cat-poetry book, I hope to have it soon. : D

TRANSLATED REPLY 4 TO COMMENT 6 Wow, I bet a cute sight. Getting used to it is closed, Koratian herraatkin when outdoor exercise constantly wearing a harness, then you probably would be used to it anywhere. For some reason, cats do not usually carry with you, such as dogs, no cats some doing on my own 😉

Thank you, Pirkko, for sharing our story. So what is a puutarhointia, anyway?

Here’s a link to Pirkko’s blog – check it out! 


Poor, Poor Jasper!

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