About Fink

Currently seeking a publisher for the first book of the Leopold & Brink novel series, “The New Angels” written while on the first two Hoboxia voyages.

3 thoughts on “About Fink

  1. Hey Fink,

    Was wondering if you could detail your element setup? Looking at living on the road for a bit and the more suggestions/tips I can find the more stoked I get..

    • You’ve picked a perfect vehicle. I’ve set up the space many different ways over the years for different kinds of trips. Let me know where you’re going and for how long

      • minimum 6 months. potentially indefinite, but i think if it goes more than a year or two, or i add a long term partner i\’d upgrade to a long bed double cab pickup or some kind of Dodge/Merc Sprinter.

        I\’m planning on doing as much rock climbing (bouldering/sport/trad) as my body will allow. When psych is low I expect I\’ll run and hike. I\’d like to check out the national parks and a few other US notables I have yet to see.

        I have plenty of ideas about platforms, but things like coolers and such concern me. I wont have significant income initially just whatever savings and about $500/mo min. Most climbing areas have free or inexpensive camp sites $5/night. I\’ve found what looks to be a solid 12v fan for venting moisture out the sunroof, I suppose a heater might be nice.

        In effect, I have plenty of light weight camping and backpacking gear. Looking for ideas to make things less burdensome. Gearloft, reflectix shades and sleeping platform are all in the mix.

        maybe get at me via private email?

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